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Friday, December 21, 2007

Our Week in A Nutshell

Wow! It's been a busy week.
Sunday was Steve's birthday, 32 years old! We went to see I Am Legend with friends and then came back to our place for pizza, cake and ice cream while hanging out around our new fire pit!

Monday brought work and our first day off from homeschool! I had my office Christmas party and gift exchange, luckily I came out with some homemade goodies!

Tuesday began with the norm and the high schoolers had their weekly meeting and Christmas party. Branden and I went but I had to slip out early because it was our Boy Scout Christmas party as well. I took the chocolate covered saltines and they were a big hit! Steve and I snuck in an hour and a half of out first Christmas shopping of the year! We got just about everything.

Wednesday was out last night of Wired, middle school youth, before the holiday break and the kids were off the wall. My group of 4 girls has grown quickly to 10 and they were all over the place. The game this week was a little bit of one on one competition, I hope to post the video below. Good times we have with 80 middle schoolers each Wednesday night!

Thursday, sweet Thursday, was my day off... and both boys went to a friends! Steve and I used the time to return to Target, where I had been overcharged 2 days before and we ventured into Super Wal-mart.

Side note. I had not been to Super Wal-mart in , well I don't know how long- maybe close to a year, and I would be happy if I never had to visit that place again! I know some of you just love this place but I can't stand it! All the people, all the stuff... I tried to make sense of the food area but finally just left - no thank you I'll stick to my local "regular" Wal-mart and Publix.

Thursday night we had out Lifeguard Christmas party. Lifeguards are the youth leaders in our youth ministry here at church. I first raided my mothers house and then ever so nicely transferred all her neat decor to our food table. We played some fun games and when I opened my gift in our exchange I was thrilled, really I was, to find it was a candy bar and toilet paper! Practical, right up my alley!

So it's Friday and the Christmas parties are over. All that's left is some gift sewing, cookie baking, and our family Christmas Eve at Yiayia and Papou's. I can smell the Greek food now!

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