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Sunday, December 16, 2007

It's A Swamp Thing

So I made the chocolate covered Saltines, I posted the Ritz version below. They were so good that they didn't survive the afternoon; of course the 4 boys that were over had a little something to do with that!

Today, I was out sitting by the swamp and I took some pictures to help remind us of what our swamp looks like. It's changed a lot since we moved in. It's been full to the rim, low, mucky and dry. It started with a nice canopy covering it until a tornado went through in 2004.

So here are a few pictures I snapped.

The dead trees, twisted and broken from the tornado.

A little on this one. Winter in Forida can be missed if one isn't paying attention. It's always green here, I took this for granted as a Yankee kid visiting each year. Upon moving here I was just thrilled that I could grow plants, inside or outside here in Florida! Now, I am paying closer attention and this place is full of dry, dead plant life in the winter.

The deadness of winter in Florida.

The big, dead tree, top left, near the boys fort.

More of the swamp.

Well, off to baking cookies, more chocolate saltines and a cake for Steve's b-day!
Yikes, I better be careful what I snack on!

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