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Saturday, December 22, 2007

#4105 Where Have You Gone?

So we went last night to finalize our Christmas shopping, mainly to get Legos, and I must say I was greatly disappointed. Wal-mart, Target and Toys R Us had a sorry, sorry selection of Legos. So sorry that told Steve I may not purchase my legos at these stores anymore, yes I often speak out of sheer emotion with no consideration of my wallet.

Yes, they had cool kits. The Police Station, the boat, but it was a specific red box of Lego bricks we were looking for. The one that's $9.97 and has 487 pieces, you know item #4105!!!! When I spoke these words to the Toys R Us guy he looked at me like I was a very strange, way to old for Legos crazy lady - oh how glad I am that I travel with a rather large husband, who I'm sure scares people away from calling security on me.

No where in our shopping area did I find this red box of Legos, and upon looking on the website Lego is to blame - I'm not sure they carry it anymore. So the boys will for the first time in 14 years will be getting a Lego gift certificate; which to all you Lego fans out there is probably the best Lego gift they could receive because of the following that is offered at the Lego store in Orlando. It's the fill your cup for $12.99 deal. This allows them to get just the pieces they need.

Nevertheless, I'm ticked that not only did I have to visit 2 Targets, 2 Wal-mart's, but that I had to subject myself to K-B toys, where they tried to sell me mega blocks claiming they're "just as good as Legos"- what? who are you and why haven't the Lego police arrested you yet?

So under the tree will sit these two Lego products, this one simply because I like the skeleton horse, and this one because I like the alien and the boys could always use ship building pieces.

I apologise for the content of this, afterall this season has nothing to do with the size of our Lego collection and everything to do with Jesus, it's just that the red box of Legos is such a staple around here and I'm still upset!

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