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Sunday, December 28, 2014

#FitByFirst, Day 22- But this has very little to do with that

Well the invasion of college kids has turned into a wonderful time.
Scotty is like a son to me, 
best friends with my oldest since 2004 I've watched this guy grow up.
He is Aubry's "bubby" and always a welcome addition to the house!

Not only did he go away to Virginia for college but his parents, who are our dear friends, moved there as well; so school breaks when he wants some FL time he bunks with us!

He left a week ago but what a precious picture of he and Aubry.
Speaking of Aubry May;
she and I filmed our first video podcast!!!
Crazy fun- I know!!
While I am sure of what a video is I am not sure technically what a podcast is
It seems like a compound word so can anyone break that down for me?

But whatever a podcast really is-- we shot one,
I will get that up here soon.
Its just a quick review of a super fun find we nabbed last week.

oh what a fun few weeks we had.
#FitByFirst has gone to the wayside.
Your e-mails are sitting in a pile somewhere with all my old gym memberships.
Lost, never to be found or used again.

OK so maybe that's not true.
#FitByFirst kick started me, again, to making better lifestyle choices.

I need that push sometimes.
That push into not eating sweets,
that push to get outside and move more,
that push to love the hard to love,
to think outside myself,
to do what's hard...

see how one push can cause a domino effect...

I have been being mindful of what enters my mouth
and seeking every day to focus my thoughts,
my self-talk,
my downtime
on worshipping God.

Singing worship music.

I have a playlist right now of about 5 songs.
Over and over.
The same 5 songs
each one packed with truth of who God is.

Ascend the Hill has a great worship album.
All the old hymns,
with a sound I like.
If you asked me what 1 album I listen to the most right now, that would be it.

So life is peaceful and fun right now.
Looking with anticipation and excitement for the Christmas season this year ( I wrote this before Christmas and we had a relaxing day).
Beginning now to thank God for a year of provision in 2015, we are stepping out in faith in 2015 and so I give each step and decision of this upcoming year to Him, the Ancient of Days. And fear, may the perfect love of God drive out any fear that starts to creep into my mind, my heart, my life.

Well, we are driving to Ocala today to see Aubry's bio-dad's family; 
and him.
It's weird.
It's like a divorced family,
sort of,
not really.
But it's good,
and healthy.
Some think I am crazy, 2 hours.
Some say they should come here.

I say: a nice little roadtrip with my man and my girl- um, yes!
I say: family is worth it and Aubry May brings love and joy and noise and bossiness wherever she goes.
How can I deny that to this group of her gene-sharers?

Stay tuned for podcast.

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