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Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Moment Rescued

I really wanted to share this moment with you all that I had while in Orlando for my 40th birthday last month.

As Steve and I rode on one of resort buses two couple who were vacationing together, their deep-southern accents and Disney t-shirt gave them away. 

So these two couple are conversing and the one dad says to the daughter in the other family ,"boy you're white" and he continued to made comments on her pasty white skin.

I felt uncomfortable, even Steve was aware of the awkwardness.

So I spoke up saying something like, "Yeah I love how Madonna does the pasty white, she really looks great and so young and makes it nice for the rest of us whiteys."

Carlos and I back in 2008 at a Blog Party
The girl cracked a smile and the mom chimed right in agreeing and smiling, I could tell she was feeling less like slugging that guy but still sure she'd never vacation with him again.

The mood lightened,
the mean mouther turned his head and shut his mouth,
I made a few new friends on a bus at Universal Orlando
and I believe
a moment was rescued.

My friend, Carlos Whittaker, wrote a book about Moments and making them, well great!

It was after we got off the bus that night last month that I realized what a moment I had just been a part of.

Jesus was all about rescuing moments.
He was all about making moments and making each moment count.

I have an extra copy of the book Moment Maker if you want to swing by and pick it up or it's worth the cash, go buy it on Amazon.

Just wanting to share a smiley story with you.
Coming soon.... my Fit by the First challenge journey.


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