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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

#FitByFirst Day 9

Sorry I didn't get to posting this until this morning.

I have been busy with pallet sign and it seems like we have made every possible mess we can make in the house this week.
We've dumped explored all the bean play station has to offer.
We've painted all over ourselves, a board, the table, our face, paper, the chair, the bike, our face.
And by we or our, I mean her, and by her I mean Aubry.
We've built rockets and worms from play-doh.
Washed every dish in the sink with a more than necessary amount of soap.

I didn't do all so great on getting my heartrate up
and yesterday workout--
50 burpees for TIME!!
my time 3min 11sec
Crazy awesome!!

So watching my grandkids today;
then painting (I also have a Saturday wedding I am busting our signs for),
and another timed workout.

I'll post more later today and get back on a before mid-night posting.


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