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Wednesday, December 03, 2014

#FitByFirst, Day 3

rock climbing- great way to MOVE
OK, so today is the last day of the free intro part of the #FitByFirst challenge I am participating in. 
Today I was encouraged to MOVE for fun!

I commit to journal this whole journey as a form of accountability to myself. I will write about each day as it happens and then post each night.

I also have a few other goals beyond the #FitByFirst that I'd like to work on over this month.
#1- practice self-control in what I put into my mouth and body like binging on food, nail biting and smoking
#2- Daniel praying, this is what I call it. Scheduled, set aside prayer times. Just me and God. Daily. Multiple times.
#3- memorize scripture

My next 7 days of cleansing will look like this--
- no dairy (i will miss you cheese, yogurt, milk and cream)
- fruit and veggie diet (not a veggie fan, but i can do this, i like veggies, i like veggies)
- water, water, water (i thoroughly enjoy water)
- black coffee (black coffee seems to be very spiritual to me)

today's notes...
it was a great day today; however, I didn't pay attention to what went into my mouth, for some reason I can get on autopilot with Aubry -- lunch time away from home gets me
remembering that Grace Already Won

water, water, black coffee, black coffee, water, water, water...

Darn it! I ate 3 strawberries
Front Porch Pickings delivers my fruits and veggies each week to my house---- and today----
Out of habit I ate 3 and even craved breakfast sausage in the fridge thinking "nope, no eating" all the while chewing away of the red, juicy sweetness of a strawberry- yikes!

Darn it, I drank a kids size chocolate shake too, not a good day today~ got offered a free one, declined it, then had one made for me, 
said thanks and drank out of courtesy~ errr... 

Did 42 air squats 

The challenge was to have fun moving so I pulled Aubry around the yard and house in the wagon, we made a rock border around our new butterfly garden and planted some milkweed sprouts from a friend.

meditating on what scripture to memorize

So that's today
His mercies are new,


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