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Friday, December 05, 2014

#FitByFirst, Day 5

Happy 4th birthday Illana!!
Today is my granddaughter's birthday, so a huge shout out to her-- whoot, whoot!!
Here she is with her great-great-grandmother on a recent roadtrip to Virginia!

#FitByFirst Update--

today's challenge was another short and fun one.
4 rounds of:: 
30 second plank and
10 push-ups
2 minute break and repeat.

I like the short and sweet, I didn't want to move much today after my morning walk 
had to p-e-e-l  myself away from Netflix to do today's workout---

today's notes...
walked and pulled a kid in a wagon for 30 minutes, boy does it feel good to just get out and move!!!

also did above #FitByFirst assignment

there is something freeing about being outside again in the cooler air and being active, 
it is peace for the spirit and soul, 
it's being in God's creation, I love it!

Summer thru mid-fall can be brutal in Florida,
you know--- the Sunshine State! can i get a witness?

Living grateful,
with all the glory going to the God in Heaven.

funny how i never really realized how much i chew and pick at my thumbs,
i know;
but as i catch myself thinking, "one more pick" (sorry if I'm grossing anyone out)
as i catch myself my thoughts turn to God and the fact that He wants my physical temple to be healthy and not mangled.

plus i have been smoking cheap cigars lately, an old habit i've picked up and set down over the years, i don't ever really feel like it rules me but it has a time and season...

i don't wanna forget to PAY ATTENTION to this!
i love food and eating.
i love all types of food.

Today was a good. healthy, green eating day; however i had breading on my cauliflower, but hey, check out the recipe for Buffalo Cauliflower.


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