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Thursday, January 01, 2015

Aubry and Mom Podcast #1

Here are Aubry and I talking about a neat grab we got while at Michael's right before Christmas.

I want to apologize for many things about this video,
but won't.
I've thought about a video podcast for awhile now but
the house wasn't ever clean enough,
my hair was always such a mess
my outfit sketchy... I think you get it.
Sometime you just gotta do it!
so here it is, enjoy.

Cute straws to drink from and then we ended up making a cute backdrop for my nativity in the entry

I hope you all enjoyed!!


Bev said...

Loved the Aubry and Mom podcast! Keep them coming!

Michelle Spanos said...

Thanks Bev, we had so much fun!! Stay tuned.

Missy said...

So cute! And fun since I haven't heard your voice in 22 years!

Michelle Spanos said...

wow Missy!! Do I sound the same after all this time?

Missy said...

Definitely the same hand mannerisms! Grabbing your hair and pulling it back behind your head. I've seen that before! How funny!


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