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Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Calendar, Planning and Summer!

The summer calendar is complete!
A little late but then again it's been an interesting Spring and I'm simply thrilled it's done.
We have a busy summer, as usual, and the planning of events has begun. One of my favorite parts of my job! Yipee!!

Right out of the gate we have our annual Triple Yuk Event to welcome middle schoolers into our middle school ministry called Wired. It's a day when all the incoming 6th graders through outgoing 8th graders can come and get messy! Last year this event included, wet dog food, cat litter, ketchup, mustard and pigs feet. This year promises to be a different kind of fun but equally as messy!

Wired also has Cosmic Bowling, separate girls and boys sleepover events and of course our summer mission trip! This I am super excited about it!!! The last two years we travelled to New Orleans, LA and Waveland, MS for Hurricane Katrina clean-up; this year we are staying home! I've been making calls and lining up local opportunities for our middle schoolers to serve the people in our area in the name of Jesus Christ.

Now on to high school. Our high school ministry is called Refined and their "welcome to summer" activity is a Psycho Game Night! que Psycho movie theme Not your typical game night, why would we be typical around here?

Another big step we took this year was to cancel all Refined D-Teams (that's Discipleship Teams or Sunday School) for the WHOLE summer. I'm sure we'll get some interesting feedback on this one but it is oober important that our Lifeguards get a break from the weekly serving that goes along with youth ministry.

But... never fear we have Movie and Theology Night to replace it. Yep! It'll be a night where we'll watch a movie and then ask, "Where was God in that movie" or even "Was God in that movie?" And the icing on the cake for this one is we will be meeting in a local condo movie theatre!

Next Refined has their annual mission trip to Cass Corridor, Detroit as well as some great Thursday fun that I'm going to keep secret for now.

So with summer around the corner I'm excited, a little overwhelmed and ready to get the ball moving!


Simply Dani said...

lol I was all excited until I got to the thursday night secret section... my spiritual gift is needtoknow :)

I'm still quite excited though!
I'm helping out with kidz connect now that we don't have sunday school - it's a nice trade off.

Kacie said...

I love movie and theology discussions! Yeah, you know, my class sponsored a kid as a middle-schooler. I think I'd want to wait with sponsoring now until I know the girls themselves would be doing it instead of the parents. I really would like for them to get involved with refugees here, so that they can SEE the face of the need around them.


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