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Friday, May 15, 2009

Just Give Me a Pile of Dirt

Some Most days the best therapy for me is being outside in the dirt.

I've always been a tomboy, I guess. Having only brothers and growing up as 1 of 2 girls on a street littered with boys, it only seemed natural that God not only give me boys but also a love for large trucks, construction equipment and dirt under my nails.

It's more than the dirt, it's the smell, the coolness of earth and so many ways I see God as I weed through it all.
I did not grow these but just love the color. When you walk into the front door of our house you have to walk through my garden and these greet you on the table, which is also my view out of my kitchen/front window!
Yesterday I gathered together my new flowers (now in a much prettier pot), some soil, veggie seeds and some fresh rain water.

I planted two small rows of veggies here, cucumbers I think.

Then since my official garden is very overgrown and pretty large and overwhelming I decided to till up this small area of our yard to plant my beans. Our small kiddie pool sat here all last summer and the grass just doesn't grow here. The soil is decent so I figured in the randomness of my head this would be a great spot! The boards are a temporary way to ward off the dog and cats.

We found this little guy living in my soil bag.
Anytime I'm outside I get a nice surprise left behind from my boys. Yesterday it had to do with some of my chairs. I have 4 of these chairs, Steve got them from a rental house that was going to throw them out. I've had them for about 3 years and they get painted different colors. I noticed awhile back that one was missing, the purple one. Hmmm...
On the woods side of our house we have a pile of logs. I know, who has a random pile of logs kickin' around- oh we do! So as I'm surveying the pile I see this:

My purple, or needs to be painted purple, chair lying on the top of the pile. See the life I live. Some days I love it others days I want to run from it! Oh this things called life.Today I may get back outside, I hope to get back outside- the only problem is the inside of my house has been neglected for far too long. Oh Molly where are you?

Peace, love and hand washing,

PS a note on the bird bath above. Birds are the least of all the animals that use it, although I have seen one in it. It's more common use is a watering bowl for the cats and dog as well as a cat bed when it's dried up!!

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