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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

My Head Struggles

I have come along way in my cell phone usage in the last year.

For example, a year ago I didn't even have a cell phone. Once I got one, it took me 5 months to even try, to text, thanks Amanda, and another 5 months to realize I need a full keyboard, thanks Dani.

Now the struggle in my head: I can upgrade my phone at the end of this month and
I am considering the iphone.

I struggle with this because I often point out that the iphone's media package cost $30 a month which is about the same as most child-sponsorship programs. Compassion, World Vision and the like.

But have you seen or used the iphone?
Do you see where the struggle comes in.
Right now I am asking myself,
If I have an extra $30 a month, what of value can I invest it in?

I will leave it at that.


update: after writing this I went to World Vision and sponsored a little girl in Peru.
I just had to.


Simply Dani said...

I think the phone is considered a ministry tool...

Glorianne said...

Michelle, I just love your blog and after reading it, I think you are one of the nicest, authentic, God-loving person I know. I wish we lived closer so we could do stuff. I just got my 13 year old a cell phone today. I let her get it because: 1. She asks for very little. 2. She is responsible. 3. We are moving away from the town she was born and raised and this will be one way for her to stay in touch and make it a bit easier.
I know what you mean about what the $30 can do. I do not text. My daughter got the basic text package that she will have to pay for. She is entering her contacts with notation of those who have Verizon. That way those texts and calls are free.
Anyway, I am right there with you and thankful that technology has allowed me to catch up with relatives.

tessahjake said...

Alaska is waiting....


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