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Thursday, May 07, 2009

Glocks, Weird Smells and Wet Cement

Today was an early release day for the high school, and I mean early, like 11am. The seniors were presenting their senior projects so the rest of the population, (I love how not only was our high school designed by prison architects but that we call the student body the "population") anyway, the rest of the kids got out at 11.

Steve was working around the house, so I thought it would be a safe bet leaving Vaughan and Justin home while I spent the rest of the day at work.

Let me tell you.

I should have known something was up
when I got a call from Steve saying, "Did you know like 7 thousand kids are here."

me: "What? Seven thousand?" thinking to self: how can that be I don't think we have room for that many children and I'm low on food, they will for sure start eating non-edible items..

Steve: well, not seven thousand but more like 7

me: "Oh, that's better" still thinking: there is not enough food, I'm glad I didn't clean the house, and I wonder if they'll cook dinner for me...

So when I made it home the kids were all outside and on the bar this greeted me:
Ok, interesting.
But then, this:
and then:
Please take time to read in the upper left corner, I thought Glock was a slang term or something. See you learn something new every day.
And then this:
By-the-way, all the guns are fake- well real, but real BB guns.
Finally the crew made it inside and now I had this to deal with:
I love it! Although somehow Mt Dew made it into the house?
Cause you know how much teenage boys need Mt Dew.
I mean, it can drive me nuts but I keep that a secret, well as much of a secret as this blog is. Thankfully something else about the teenage boys that make their way to my place: they don't read blogs.
Another bit of exciting news: our church is adding on.
Downstairs we'll have an actual foyer area and 3 children's nursery type rooms and upstairs a new youth area!!!!!!!!!!!! Yippeee, that'll leave the other building on campus for adults and children.
Today they came and poured the cement.
The back wall of the church is spray painted with "To Your Name Be the Glory" and then all of the peoples names around, below, on top of.
So that's it for today.
Oh, how could I forget: all the boys at the house... they made another movie.
I'll post the link when it's down.
Peace, love and smellyhouse,


Tiffany said...

That is to funny. Something to look forward to with Tobin. Yikes!!! Guns, and such , already have that. Tobin likes to protect his weapons under his bed. Like his dad. Though dad has a lock box. To funny. Peace out, girl!!

Superhero Mom said...

Looks a lot like where I used to hang out when I was a teenager. Seriously, I could post, one of the 3 girls in my youth group and all of our friends...tons of teenage boys! Perhaps God was grooming me then for what is to come. Funny Post!


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