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Monday, May 11, 2009

Happy Mother's Day & More!

We had a great Mother's Day! The first year in 3 that we didn't hit a Florida State Park- instead we went to the local water park!
The reason I can celebrate Mother's Day- my babies!
My mother, grandmother and I met for breakfast at my mom's and then went to church with my grandmother. We always have fun together and I get a glimpse into my future!

Mom and I leaving Daytona Lagoon.

Just for fun I'm throwing in some other pictures. I just love this shell above, it's as if it was painted with stripes.

I've been back in the sewing room- oh it's heaven with a cement floor. I took two old towels and sewed them together to make a long bath mat. I figured we prefer a towel on the floor and I just can't pay the price that large bath mats go for, so in keeping with reduce, reuse, recycle I made this! Bleach stain and all! Oh I sewed lines through it to keep it good and flat.

My tomato plants. Can't wait to eat some and really need to plant more and maybe take them to the local farmer's market. Hmmm, maybe not?
I pulled apart our closet today, as in I took everything out of it, vacuumed and cleaned the walls and now am in the process of putting it back together- yuck! I'd rather wait til tomorrow except all the clothes are on our bed!
Have a great week.
Peace, love and sofa sleeping,


Superhero Mom said...

I am so proud of your productivity! You Go!

Slicer said...

Happy Mother's Day to you!


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