Then Samuel took a stone and set it up between Misphah and Shen. He named it Ebenezar, saying , "Thus far the Lord has helped us." 1 Samuel 7:12

Friday, May 29, 2009

33oC Ends

Wednesday night was our final night at 33oC.
33oC was what we called our mid-week gathering for students.
33 weeks On Cool= 33oC.
Over this last school year we spent 33 weeks looking at what cool was in God's eyes.

Wednesday night Kev shared with the students the concept of "Ebenezer" or a pile of stones to remember something.
We gave each small group a 3 foot section of a 4x4 and had them make their own totem pole in remembrance of what they learned over these last 33 weeks.
Totem poles told a story, or tell a story, reading from the bottom to the top they tell the story of a family,
a tribe,
a journey.
(que to all who work with youth to break out into a Journey song, "don't stop believin' hold to that feeeelin'....")

It was neat to see what the different groups came up with.
Our small group used a sander to sand the edges smooth and then they wrapped yarn, chiseled a heart, painted a cross, attached a 33oC plaque, they each put their handprint on our totem and topped it off with a stick cross.

This is my small group from this last year, 2 girls are missing.

A bunch of us fooling around at the end of the night.

The totems lined the front of the room near the alter, it was neat to walk along and look at what these students remembered from this last year.

Love on another.
Put aside differences.
Cool doesn't try, it just is.
Jesus is our base.

Now some more random pics. We set up a senior section each week. Since we meet in our church's sanctuary we have to get creative. We have this one area that we bring in sofas and let the seniors sit there while the rest of the student population sits on regular chairs. here is is at the end of our last night, looking very much like my living room with the cushions off and shoes littered everywhere.
We had a "rap-off".
Wanna have fun with students: give them loud music, a microphone and open space.
I promise it will be fun!

I had to take this shot.
Working with students has made me more aware of my clothing style. Without being shallow I learn much about fashion on Wednesday nights, here's a glimpse at the difference in shoes.
Some middle school shots. This was actually from the only week the middle schoolers met alone.

Ever notice in a picture of students at least one has to have a "look".
This photo may never happen again? Youth ministry is ever evolving I'm learning.
Students come and students go. The dynamics of a room, a small group or a photo will always change. 33oC I will miss you (although secretly I won't miss the skit I had to be a part of) and I pray students will have learned more about being cool than what the magazines/television/internet/school tells them. I pray they stay connected to God over this summer and their totem story doesn't tank.
Now on to summer stuff, until next year...

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