Then Samuel took a stone and set it up between Misphah and Shen. He named it Ebenezar, saying , "Thus far the Lord has helped us." 1 Samuel 7:12

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Index Cards Make Me Smile

As my kids have grown up it's been a struggle in my heart and head.
As they become more independent I can't help but feel left out of their lives and it breaks my heart. I also get to see them venture on their own and sometimes succeed and other times fall flat on their face. This hurts my heart and messes with my head.

As parents we want certain things for our children. Ultimately they are God's children and I lift them up to Him daily, but I am human and so I can't help but have some ideas in my head what they should do or how they should respond. When they fall I can't help but fight the thought that I had something to do with it.

No parent sets out with the desire to see their kid mess up. When they do it hurts. I've expressed the difficulty with independence before and I'm learning this parenting thing never gets easy. So when I woke this morning and found an index card with a Bible verse written on it I was thrilled.

Many of you may or may not know I am an index card junkie. My life is and has been pretty much a wreck. If there is or was a bad decision to make chances are I've made it, if there was an area to screw up, I can check that box too! It has been solely through God's Word that I have survived. I've pulled my index cards with scripture on them out in the grocery store, at a stop light in my car; they are posted on my kitchen cabinets, bathroom mirrors and stuck in every purse I own.

So you can imagine the excitement in my heart when I saw this index card written in my child's handwriting!

Nuff Said.


Superhero Mom said...

Oh how I love to live through your words Michelle! This blessed my heart too. I do know that you are an index card junkie (as I am a folder junkie)! I love that verse too!

Simply Dani said...

I still have the index cards that you gave me foreverandahalf ago :)

Vanessa said...

So cool! :)

erika chapman said...

OH I am such an index card junkie too! Got them all over w/verses. I try to stop but I just can't! My hubby has accepted it:) I took one down the other day to replace it and threw it away. My 7 yr old fished it out of the trash and taped it to his desk. He said, "why would you throw that away Mom, that's a good one!?" Makes me tear up thinkin' about it:)


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