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Monday, May 04, 2009


They tell you a few things about having kids.

I've listen to They for the majority of Their advice but I'm freaking out right now over some of it.

For example, They say you, as a parent, should keep the computer screen in a main area of the house where it can be seen by all.

What They don't tell you is after years of this you want to smash the screen with whatever household item is in your hands because the music and the youtube videos, no matter how funny they are, are a bunch of noise that can drive a parent to insanity.

They tell you the same thing about X-Box and Playstation. Keep your kids at home, be the "hang out house", then you'll know you're kids friends and what they are interested in and it's a good way to keep an eye on them.

Well, I understand this advice but again what They don't tell you is the amount of food that gets consumed and the amount of dishes that need to be done and the amount of noise that accompanies these said children. A day or a weekend of this is OK but when years go by all this is enough to admit a parent to a mental hospital.

They also tell you to pick your battles.

What They don't tell you is that when hormones kick in battles are everywhere.

In case you don't have teenagers let me clue you in:
Teenagers know everything and what to argue about anything.

me: We're going to the store
teen: No we're not we're going to Wal-mart

teen: What are you eating?
me: A sandwich
teen: No you're not, it's a sub

me: I think we'll relax and do nothing tonight
teen: No we won't it's virtually impossible to do nothing because even when doing nothing you're doing something

me: isn't the sky pretty, there's not a cloud in it
teen: yes there is we just can't see it, seriously mom you can't see the sky all over the world

*These are all conversations I've had recently, in a matter of 24 hours.

They don't tell you this stuff.
They don't tell you that even the dog will imitate the teenagers and become more argumentative.

I've even heard Them say the number one piece of advice with teenagers is to survive.
Just survive.

What they don't do is tell you it's easiest to survive teenagehood in a bomb shelter locked away with canned goods and a cot to sleep on, while teenager do this thing called growing up. Seriously, if I had the chance to lock myself away I might very well take it.

Well, with that said I need to go.
I feel a little better
I mean I'm thankful for teenagers who are healthy and energetic and creative and like to be at home.
But if I could only get my hands on those people out there we call "they". I think I'd move them in and let them have my job for a while.

Obviously it's been a rough day week.
Peace, love and sanity,


tessahjake said...

Well, if its any hhelp - you totally made me laugh. I can relate - be glad you have boys.

Simply Dani said...

You literally made me laugh out loud.

And it's not a sub, nor is it a sandwich. It's a grinder.

Kacie said...

Oh man, this made me laugh. I have a group of 10 jr. high girls that I lead for church. They are amazing. They are also emotional, boy crazy, sometimes mean, very opinionated, and very insecure.

And their poor mothers are nearly all in shock and wondering where their daughters have gone. :)

Tiffany said...

I not fans of " they" people. Girl, when you need to teen vent call me. I'll vent right back at you. It has been a teen week here at this household. Be lucky you have boys. I think. Girls are ruff. But I can't help to love them.

brewster said...

It is awesome that you are even having these conversations. Some parents do not even dig in with their kids.

Remember, regardless of what THEY say, its a season. And you seem to be loving it, even when it is killing you.

Great blog.

Superhero Mom said...

All I can do is smile and think to myself...gee...I hope I have Michelle's phone number 5 years from now! I love ya!


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