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Monday, June 09, 2008

Triple Yuk! 2008

Here are some pictures from the Triple Yuk Middle School youth event we held over the weekend.

We had 6 events and 30 students showed up, we split them into 5 teams, added a Lifeguard to each team and began with the not-so messy events and ended with the grand finale events of Pasta-a-la-Kitty and Chuck Wagon.

First event:
that's a student and a Lifeguard! Lifeguards are our adult leaders- who rock by the way!
In this event each team had to dress 6 hot dogs with ketchup and mustard. Of course we're creative about how they get those condiments on the dog!

This happens to be my son getting made up to be a snowman.

The Pasta-a-la-Kitty tub!

Yet another of our fearless Lifeguards!

Lovin 'it!

This is the only picture of me and one of my children. That's me- the short one and my oldest son with the red shorts- the tall one; and one of my sidekicks still with her pudding filled baseball cap on!

To cool down and rinse off we had an awesome 20 foot by 50 foot slip-n-slide. This picture is 2 of our Lifeguards! Again what an incredible group of people we have investing in the lives of these precious, middle schoolers.

The whole gang!
Triple Yuk "oh"8 Baby!


Mont said...

Man - I didn't realize how much Vaughn skies over you now. Looks like fun, where was Steve?

Anonymous said...

working...where else?-s


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