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Monday, June 23, 2008

I Now Taxi People Children to Work

They've been found out.
As frustrated as I get I've been saying for a few months now that every house needs a teenage boy around.
They can carry heavy things, crawl into stuffy attics, open spaghetti jars with their bare hands, and yardwork. They can do yardwork.
About a month ago Vaughan and his best friend were asked to lay some sod and other landscape work for a friend of ours.
"The Sod Squad" ~ that's what they called themselves that week.
Now they're the "Post Patrol". They've been hired to help dig holes and you guessed it, put in posts for a fence. The Post Patrol has logged around 24 hours.

The golden part is this: these last few weeks they've been working to make money to pay to go on a mission trip where they will work for free. They're calling it ''WFWin'" pronounced woofin', that's Working For Work; when they return home they'll start workin' for money!

So far they've had 5 other job offers for when they return from their mission trip. Can you say it's my turn to have my meals paid for *smile*

So they've been discovered and somehow I just know that I will see less and less of him.
Why don't they stay little forever?
Hey I'll stay focused on the brighter side, not only is it good to have a teenage boy around, it's good that I have one, right now, who works for me, for FREE!!

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