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Saturday, January 14, 2012

The Struggle of Balance

OK, so I survived this last week;
and without a whole lot of headaches,
no major bumps.

However; I did have a moment when I thought: this is out of control.
We are not,
I mean I am not staying on top of my duties.

I've been slacking.
Sleeping a little too much,
relaxing a little too much,
neglecting my household duties a little too much.

Then I remember how much I prefer to focus on relationships over dishes and vacuuming,
how reading and laughing,
playing and coloring
always trump laundry folding and sweeping.

Yet I still feel like I need to bump up on my game here at home.
Get a little more scheduled.
Follow some FlyLady,
participate in some Meal Planning
and set up some daily habits.

I'd also like to add some fun Family Nights to the mix, the kind I use to see on Whittaker Woman's blog. She no longer had her posts up so I will have to come up with ideas from memory.

Do you have any websites to help me in any of the above?
Any ideas you may have?

Oh and thanks for the baby advice a few days back- she kind of naturally began to settle in to a routine and fuss a little less, poop a little more and sleep a little longer- although 3 hours is still a short time for me at night.
Keep your ideas coming.

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Aleatha said...

talk to the sweet old ladies in the grocery stores. They have some great ideas! ~ I haven't tried it yet but my oldie but goody this week suggested - fix corn bread, combine chicken soup with a can of chicken (you know the stuff kind a like tuna) pour the mixture on top and there you have it. ~ this will be good for the nights when I forget to take out any meat.


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