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Friday, January 27, 2012

Family Night- Bowling Night

Bowling Night!
Pretty easy to see what the theme was. I had fun with the food on this one. Since everyone loves fruit I made the appetizers from last weeks leftover fruit dip, grapes, bananas and peel apart Twizzlers. I cut small pieces of cardboard down for the lane and covered them with tin foil.

Since my niece was not here to help with the creative decor I made the sign greeting all who entered.
Here is what it said:

SB2 Bowling Alley, a combo of our last names, 1 "S" and 2 "B's", so it became SB squared.

Here is the "Snack Bar" area:

We ate at small tables, bowling alley style.
I wish I could say we all bowled and it was a blast; however it was a blast with only Taylor, Nik and I bowling. Steve held the baby and put her to sleep while Vaughan and Sarah gave Illana her bed and to bed. Justin didn't want to bowl (he is still embarrassed by my Family Night dinners, he says we should just sit at a table like a normal family-- life with a teenager??), and his friend ended up on the phone with his friend that is a girl.

We played some 80's Pop Music via Pandora to set the mood and in about and hour and a half we called it a wrap
So that was our Bowling Theme Family Night.
Now the clean-up is done, the house is back to being a house and all are sleeping in bed.
Come back next week to see another of our Family Nights; Lord willing we do one and please share your own family nights.
Enjoying the family-Michelle

root beer and cream soda in bottles with straws

cantaloupe balls with blueberries
grapes and banana sticks

Main dish-
sweet and sour meatballs, rice and carrots

bowling ball cupcakes
leftover sweets

Fun and Games-
real life play bowling in house
Wii bowling

areas of house labeled: snack bar, restrooms, lanes
signs that say: "no food beyond this point", "bowling shoes only"
signs hanging from ceiling above bar area "Snack Bar"
80's Pop music via Pandora

1 comment:

Katie said...

I love you and your corny family night themes! Even if Justin thinks your weird...he'll remember them along time from now and smile. BIG.


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