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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Baby Help Please

We go from this:

to this:

And back to this pretty quickly and some days pretty often.

My Justin was prety fussy but I don't remember this amount of fussiness.
 Gonna see about changing her formula-- yucky stuff, but thankful for it.
Any tips from moms of fussy, unpredictable babies.
Personal experience,

I haven't done much beside love her but it's time to get serious.


Allison Reynolds said...

I would definitely try the formula...especially if she has a milk allergy or irritation. It can make baby very irritable and unhappy. If you have WIC for her you will have to get a change of formula form from the doctor (sorry, worked at WIC forever). If you have any questions call me.

Missy said...

Do you wear her? I find that really helps calm babies and lets you do your thing at the same time.

Michelle said...

Ok thanks Allison, I will keep you posted. Yes Missy I wear her in a sling most of the time but she still has super fussy times, a girl's gotta sit down eventually.

2busyannie said...

Hi Michelle,

Because of the baby's exposure to chemicals in utero, her brain is basically at a much younger developmental stage than her chronological age. Unfortunately, drugs and alcohol go together like cookies and milk and alcohol is very destructive to the fetal brain. Try to treat your baby as if she is still in the womb. Low lights and noises if you can manage it. Keep her swaddled. Give her something to suck. Wear her as much as your body and ears can stand ; trade her to another adult when you are tired. Use one of those white noise machines that simulates a heartbeat when and if you lay her down to sleep. Yes, try changing the formula. Drug exposed children seem to have a higher rate of allergies/sensitivities. But she is easily overstimulated and may always be that way. Get yourself some earplugs, gather up your patience, try to maintain your sense of humor and get as much rest as you can. Tired moms do not have much patience. (Ask my kids how I know.) It may take many months and may be very hard. She will probably always be more sensitive and emotionally younger than her age, but the time you invest in her fourth trimester is not wasted even if you don't feel it is bearing fruit now. You should try to find a support group, too. You seem to be doing really well, though, handling all these changes so fast!


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