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Friday, January 13, 2012

End of Week

Really just a picture update.
We finished the new room and Nik is officially moved in. Bed, dresser, toys and workout equipment.
Next is Lexi's room.
She'll have a cute little hideaway, small and cozy.
Her own space.
I will post pictures soon.

In the meantime here I am with Baby Aubry, aka Little One- I think it's safe to use her real name now; and Illana.

Until Nik had his own room we set up the old TV in the laundry room so he could have a place to get away and be quiet. Sometimes it was TV, other times it was toys. Illana loved to be out there- she really was fascinated with the TV.

And then there is this picture.
The only thing better than a picture of your granddaughter with her parent, is a picture of her with her Uncle. I love that girl to pieces- the love for a grandchild is amazing, I am so blessed to have this little cutie living under my roof.
God is good.
Happy weekend to all.


Anonymous said...

It's really hard to explain the feelings a person has for their grandchild. I too feel blessed to have her (and her parents too:) here at our house, especially in these early years. Truly amazing little girl. I pretty much love our overstuffed house with our "non-traditional" family. We are truly blessed beyond measure. Love-svs

Aleatha said...

I love the picture of you and the two precious little girls in your arms. You and Illana both look so happy. And well I guess I should say so does Aubry, I don't see any tears. :) I love you and what you stand for Michelle!

Superhero Mom said...

No words...just ♥! Nice post Michelle!


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