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Thursday, January 05, 2012

Hi There

Little One and I on a typical day
So I feel like there is some sort of normalcy settling in over the Span Ranch.
The kids all started back to school yesterday leaving me and the 2 little ones home until the 4 year old goes to pre-school.
A quiet descends on the house now that the holiday parties and visits have all passed.
We celebrated a 10 year birthday yesterday!!

4 of the 5 girls in the house
Illana is growing so fast. What a joy it is to have my granddaughter living under the same roof as me. With the busyness of the holidays I've seen her more in passing and I long again for the day when we can play in the living room together. She blows kisses, loves her daddy and is so cute around the baby- one day she was ever so sweet and gentle to help burp her.

bedroom addition
With the extra people living here and the slow time at work for Steve we've begun to transform rooms. The back porch has been "winterized" to become a 5th bedroom and within a few days/weeks my spacious laundry room will be split to make room for a cozy little 6th bedroom.

Love this picture
I have adjusted to not working and have been reminded how it warms my heart to be the "tender" of the home. I still feel like I am tending a Tetris game at the house but soon enough I know this place will seem empty; unless of course the Lord leads us into foster care or adoption. Who knows? For now we are waking each day counting our blessing and choosing to enjoy the moment.

The Cool Kids- we heart Instagram
Currently some of us are in time-out, while another of us is enjoying some out-of-the-house time snuggled on my friends sofa I'm sure.

So life is good in this new year.
The coffee is tasty as always and my days are shaping up to have some sort of routine and normalcy, although I think we all know normalcy is relative.

Tonight's Family Night so I'm off.

Who doesn't love Hulk hands?


Anonymous said...

You are the wind beneath our collective wings! Hopefully the room helps. And I can't wait for the cruise! Love you more than words-svs

Missy said...

Great pictures! What a full family!


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