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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Now I Round Up to 40

When I turned 25 my brother Scott, who is 4 years older than me, told me that now my age rounds up to 30. Well I didn't mind that and my 30's have been great! So when i realized I'd be 35, I often still see myself as a 20 year old, I realized I round up to 40 now! That's fine with me: BRING IT!!

My birthday can take on many different faces. Most often I get a few days of celebrating in, mostly because I plan all the events around here so I can plan what I want and when I want it. Monday was my 35th birthday, but you know it started before Monday.

Saturday night we went out to eat with the boys and we laughed like crazy! Nights that that remind me how much I just adore my family.

Sunday we went to the shooting range with my father-in-law. I shot a few new guns and hit the bulleye!!

Monday my mom, grandmother and father-in-law came over for cake and presents. Presents were fun! I got money, money, money, which I have already spent some on fabric and patterns- *smile* and from my mom: thread!!


Shasta said...

I asked Chris if I was officially in my mid-30's (I turned 34 on Sunday). He said it's debatable but next year will be mid-30's for sure. So, I think you have one more year before rounding up to 40. Isn't it funny how we don't mind getting older? Maybe because we still feel like kids?

Superhero Mom said...

I think once you hit forty you might be thinking.....can I round down! lol! Actually I love being 40! I loved your blog, your cake and your bullseye! Most of all I just love you! Are we walking tomorrow...I need directions!

Vanessa said...

Happy, happy birthday!

coldbayprincess said...

okay i never have rounded up!!!!!
and neither can you!
i round down. mostly because i hae to think about how old i am... born in an even year this year is odd, ect.... so yep 30.
that cake is great! now if we were 15 again can you imagine how hard we would be laughing at ourselves and the fun we would of made of ourselves???? wow only God is capable of changing us and giving us the peace we are learning!! you challenge me to remember that! thank you.


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