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Thursday, October 08, 2009

New England Trip: Day Five

Wanna catch up?
Day one
Day two
Day three
Day four

Day five was my last day. I woke up and faced the fact it was time to head home. I was sad. I mean I did miss my family but vacation is always hard to leave. While I was moving slow the rest of the house was not. Lexi had school pictures and so the getting ready for school process took a little longer than usual.
Here they are in the bathroom.

One last picture before we say goodbye.

Now onto airplane pictures.
Am I the only one who is still fascinated by the view from an airplane? Perhaps it's my love for maps? Whatever the reason, I took a few pictures that I wanted to share.

I just can't help think of the Simpson's when I see a nuclear power plant.
Local New Smyrna people, can you make out this aerial of NSB?
Lastly the clouds were like perfect puffs of cotton.
The I arrived in Florida.
Where the sun shone brightly, the leaves remained green and the heat didn't realize I was ready for cooler weather.
Where my hottie met me drove me home to this wonderful, crazy, testosterone filled place called home.
Ahh, my pillow, my bed, my boys- love being home.

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