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Monday, October 05, 2009

New England trip: Day Four

To catch up on our trip
Day one
Day two
Day three

Day three was a roadtrip day.
It was an: over the river, into Vermont and through the woods, the Adirondacks to be exact, to Nana's house we went, kind of roadtrip.
My dad picked me and all my stuff up and we made the 3 hour roadtrip across teh Green Mountain State to my grandparents in upstate New York.

On the trip we pass through Whitehall, NY. There are some things that just just stick with you and the armory in Whithall, NY is one of those memories. Isn't this building neat? Whitehall also claims to be the birthplace of the US Navy!

My grandparents live on Schroon Lake and as a teenager I spent my summers at camp on an island on that same lake. While my dad was getting some gas in the truck I dashed across to the public beach and a perfect view of "The Island". You can see it on the left side of this picture. I am now dreaming of sending my boys there this summer.

Speaking of the lake, I had to take a picture of my favorite place at Nana's house: her porch and this view:

Grandparents don't change much, at least in my eyes.

Sure they slow down a little and the warm spots on their backs from their heating pads make hugging them even warmer; but there is just something about my Nana and Grampa that is timeless, classic and peaceful.

It was on this trip that I saw where my love for rocks and Coke bottles came from. One of my favorite things at Nana's house has always been her rocks and her Coke bottles, funny it took me 35 years to realize I share this love with her.

The steps to my Nana's house always leads to warm food, a sofa to nap on and am earful of old school advice.

We left that evening with a bit of sadness in our goodbyes and a little water in our eyes.

I wasn't sure where I would be staying that night so as we got closer to town I decided it would be back to my sister-in-laws. They were super surprised to see me and I just can't get enough time with my niece "Lulu" and her mom for that matter.

And then, only in New England, only with a team called the Boston Red Sox can a Southern Girl, notice I now claim both my northern and southern hertitage equally, open a freezer in a small town in new Hampshire and find this:

Yes, you saw it here: Red Sox Ice Cream! And it may be the best ice cream I have ever had!

I love this place!

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Naomi said...

If you choose to eat Red Sox ice cream you are committed to eating it during EVERY play off game. It is what makes them win, so don't let us down. We sure do our part. Gerry's favorite is Green Monster Mint.


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