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Thursday, October 01, 2009

New England Trip: Day Two

For Day One of our trip go here.

Day two was the wedding day! We woke up and relaxed around Steve's mom's place.

Here's the view we sat and stared at for hours.
Peaceful and quiet.

Since the wedding wasn't until 4pm we decided to go to a local 4th & 5th grade football game our friends Trevor and John were coaching. Steve spent many a Saturday on these fields.

When I saw this girls t-shirt I realized I haven't heard this saying outside of Newport. Best Line Wins! How I could have forgotten that chant I don't know, it was on these fields that I chanted it every fall. Here's a sight I don't see here in the south: ski jumping jumps. Across the football field you can see the openings in the trees for our schools 2 smallest ski jumps.

Steve and Trev after the game.
When I am in town going from point A to point B is never that simple. I like to make stops at points C, D, E and F along the way. So our trip from football game to getting ready for the wedding took us by the Little Red Schoolhouse. I actually looked out onto this historic sight from my bedroom window.

Old schoolhouses are all over the country but this one is special. Sarah Josepha Hale taught here. Sarah was not only one of the fist female educators in our country but she penned the famous nursery rhyme Mary Had A Little Lamb.
As I circled the schoolhouse I realized Sarah would have looked out the back window of her school at this beautiful barn.
About a half mile down the road is a spot called Pollards Mills. Many small New England towns were settled as mill towns. The water currents in the river made a great place to harness it's power to run mills.

This spot was a popular swimming place, we always knew it was dangerous, people died there and we all knew it! Although signs like this were not around.

Finally it was wedding time!
Here Steve and I are on the front lawn of the church.
Trinity Church is an historic church and it couldn't have been a more beautiful day!
Steve's dad, bottom left and his brothers and sister.
Kristen and Martin. I put my camera down for a lot of this wedding and realized this is the best shot of the bride and groom. The food was wonderful, the setting incredible and the family, fun and dancing a blast!
Here is Matt, the bride's little brother and his fiance Michelle. Yep, when they get married in July there will be two of us: two Michelle S.
Did I mention the dancing was the kind of dancing you wanna do all night! The band was great, playing their own rendition of music spanning all decades and genres.

Steve and his cousin Melissa.

Steve and his cousin Kristen.
As you can imagine we stayed until the musicians were gone. The reason we made the trip north was over, but well worth it!
Makes us miss "home", if only we could eat drink and be merry every night of the week with our family from afar!

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Allison Reynolds said...

Great pictures...looks like a great trip...wish I was up north soaking it in.


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