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Saturday, October 03, 2009

New England Trip: Day Three

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Wow! I woke up on day three and was thrilled that I wasn't headed home to Florida. See, I've made the NH trip several times this past year. Each and every time waking up on day three to head back home.

Steve was going home on day three so I still made an airport trip. After coffee with my dad, and dropping Steve at the airport, I had a grand idea to head home via a little roadtrip. Since I hadn't been to Keene, NH since Yo! MTV Raps was there in the early 90's I decided to leave Manchester and head toward Keene.

Let me tell you, and if you've made that trip you know this, the distance on the map looks way shorter than the actual driving distance, especially when you take back roads through New Boston. It was a good though, I followed signs towards historic markers, found an Air Force base in the hills of New Hampshire and also ran into this sign:
If you are above the age of 30 and don't know or hang with any teenagers you may not know that the Journey song, "Don't Stop Believin' " has made a comeback. Chances are you will find this sign on my son's Facebook soon.

Driving out of Keene on Route 10 I hit the brakes after passing the Christmas House. Not sure if it's even still called that but this house, or I think it's an event rental place, has beautiful landscaping and architecture of the Victorian era. Here I am with the house and the car of my roadtrip 2009!
Still headed north, like 3 hours later, I pulled over to take in this site:
I know you think I've lost my mind taking pictures of a big ole something or other, well for those of you who have never seen snow these are the barns (for lack of a better word) where all the sand and salt are held. When a snow or ice storm comes the trucks come here to get loaded with the sprinkly goodness that melts all the snow and gives those Yankee tires traction on the roads.
Farther north in the town of Goshen I decided to pull into this old cemetery.
The oldest birthdate I found was 1815. A lot of history in this little town, stuff that would probably shock me, thrill me and make me cry. Something about an old cemetery makes me yearn for the "olden" days. If you live in the area swing in and take a look around and while you do think about this little unknown fact: two of my/our classmates, Jim and Guy, use to dig grave holes when the spot was unreachable by a bobcat. Yep, Jim told me all about it- he's my brother-in-law now!
Barns. If you don't know yet, I love old barns. This one is in North Newport (by the green steel bridge) with it's steeple, circle window, star (at the very top) and long transum window make my heart skip a beat. Old barns I love you!
My favorite thing about any New England trip is that ALL ROADS LEAD TO FAMILY.
So it isn't a surprise I made it back with these crazy kids:
We had a spa night, we soaked our feet, did our nails, waxed our faces and laughed until we peed ourselves, OK so maybe I was the only one peeing herself but we all had fun!
My nephew is awesome! He wanted to be a part of the festivities so bad that I pulled him up a little chair and he ran the buttons for the foot soak. Poor kid, learning to wait on the females in this family already, I am spoiled and... he's a keeper! Auntie Shell loves you little Nicoli (said with a Greek accent please).
That night I went back to homebase at my mother-in-laws and slept like a baby. There really is no place like home.

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tessahjake said...

Still so jealous! SO glad you are having a great time!


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