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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Bible Study

In 1 week I am going to go back through the study "A Woman After God's Own Heart" by Elizabeth George. I know it's VERY last minute but if you have the workbook and are looking for some accountability please join me. If you have the book I will have a plan for you to follow as well.

Here's what we'll do:
a.) Each Monday check in here at Thus Far With God and leave a comment saying you did all 5 days of homework
b.) share a scripture that spoke to you or type out "This weeks verse to remember", listed at the begining of each week.

Here's what you'll receive:
a.) a habit of spending time daily in God's Word
b.) encouragement as a wife, mother, friend
c.) friendships! a blog can do things like that
d.) much more

I will give you time to either get a book or pray about joining this, so meet back here on Monday November 2, 2009 and introduce yourself. Please read the introduction on page 5-6. Since we won't be watching the video, the "video notes" area will remain empty.

So that's it. Local ladies if you know of anyone who was in the study when we did it almost 2 years ago let them know. To my friends from far away, please join me if it works out for you.

I can be e-mailed at vintagesheet (at) yahoo dot com


coldbayprincess said...

i may be alittle late in starting. taks me a bit to get the book, but thank you. accountability is something i know i need, my lazzy reblelious spoiled side always kicks in. anyway, i was just thinking the other day how i admire how organized you can be, when you disapline your self. thank you for letting it bless others. i love you!

coldbayprincess said...

hey i just noticed you poste this at 10:00 am it's not quite that time here yet.... love it.

Superhero Mom said...

Hey Michelle, I tried to leave a comment on your Thus Far in the Kitchen blog and it cuts off the word verification so I cannot type in the word...thus not allowing for comments. Don't know what is going on there...however, just wanted you to know that I'm doing the menu and mine is posted. love ya!

Glorianne said...

I ordered the books and I hope it is coming soon. I am going through some trying times with a sick son and of course, it impacts the rest of the family. I can use the comfort of the Holy Spirit as revealed through the scriptures.

Hi I'm Michelle said...

I am so excited from the feedback on this study. I look forward to hearing from you all on Monday, November 2nd.

Katie said...

Ok, so there's a reason I came across this again, God's tapping me on the shoulder...I need some focus too!
I'm in!!! Finally located my old workbook and a few others, gosh I accumulating a god seeker stack :)

Hi I'm Michelle said...

Katie- I am excited-- focus, I hear ya!

Hi I'm Michelle said...

Katie- I am excited-- focus, I hear ya!


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