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Thursday, January 17, 2008

The Pictures Are Here

Finally Christmas pictures. Christmas Eve we had my sister-in-laws boys at the house while she did some last minute shopping.
My 2-year old nephew loves to follow Steve around everywhere. Here they are hauling in firewood from the backyard for our campfire.

And here's Olive the other reindeer, better known as Fluff.

Headed to Yiayia and Papous for Christmas Eve dinner

still driving there...

The kids

This year we made spanakopita for everyone! I even taught Steve to make his Yiayia's recipe, we made 3 batches!

This year I discovered I like egg nog, a lot, especially with some good Caribbean Rum, oh and the baklava rolls in the foreground were to die for, or at to rot all our teeth out with.

Everyone needs an uncle like him...

The tree at our house.

It was truly a merry time at our house once again.

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