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Saturday, January 19, 2008

I Could Change My Mind on This One, But I Doubt It!

I love being a mom!

Yes it can be tough sometimes, especially since the whole "girl" thing is beginning to come into play, but overall I just love having the privilege of being a mom.

I love taking the boys to their various activities, cheering them on, laughing, joking and having fun! I love seeing them smile and joke with their friends and seeing them shiver because it's too cold outside to be practicing. I love seeing them sweat and work hard - I just love watching them grow up. I remember when they were little and I'd call Steve or my mom or dad, or anyone who was at the house, to come and peek at them while they slept, or played legos. Not much has changed, if you come to visit most likely you'll find yourself sitting with us in the dojo, the practice fields or at Boy Scouts.

I love telling them to eat their veggies, to take their vitamins and the newest item: to eat their protein bars.

I love hearing them talking in bed way past bedtime and I love it when they hug me and hang on me.

It's such a privilege being a parent and I often wonder why the hospitals allowed Steve and I to leave the place with such little people; didn't they see we were, and still are, such a mess. Didn't someone catch on that we were clueless, that we were young and unsure of what we even were doing here on planet earth? Regardless of that I just love being a mom.

This afternoon we'll travel over to Disney's Hollywood Studios (MGM's new name) and get to play with them at the "Happiest Place on Earth". They'll totally cream me in the PT Cruiser game we'll play in the car on the way over. They'll humor me as I make them pose for a gazillion pictures while there and they'll remind me once again that being their mom is perhaps the greatest thing I'll ever get to do in my lifetime.

My heart breaks to think of them growing up and moving out, but those times are quickly approaching. If you know me then you know I have been preparing myself for the graduation and college drop off for a few years now; but until then I'm choosing each day to love being a mom. Choosing to enjoy my boys for who they are, stinky feet, muddy cleats and all!

I'm also considering that perhaps Disney is not the Happiest Place on Earth, but that perhaps the Happiest Place on Earth is right here at my very own house.

I love you boys.


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