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Thursday, January 10, 2008

I'm Excited!

I'm excited about an upcoming event we're putting on at our church.

It's and Etiquette Evening for our middle school girls and their moms. We're still in the planning stage, and if anyone read this blog I'd ask for ideas, books and tips.

I'm not sure if it's our area or if the issues we're dealing with are sweeping the nation, but middle schoolers have very little manners. My guess if they've just never been taught. Here's the scene last night in my 30 minutes of small group time with 9 6th graders. We're about 15 minutes through our discussion when one girl gets ups and begins to dance in the open area next to our table and then asks, "Want to see my backhandspring?" Another gets up to go to the bathroom and a third to use the lock on the outside of the bathroom door to lock the girl in. I ask them to sit down, they do, only to have another get up and do the same thing.

Earlier in the night, while our youth pastor was teaching, one of my girls is texting a friend and still another, from another grade level, is sitting talking with her back to the pastor.

Disrespect. Oh it drives us nuts.
The I remember where most of our kids are coming from. Homes where their parents leave for the weekend to be with boyfriends, homes where fighting and yelling and drug-addiction run rampid. Homes where Jesus has never been welcomed, except in many cases by these precious young middle schoolers.

They at the age of 12, 13, and 14 are the spiritual leaders of their home.

God brings them each week, cell phones, backhandsprings and all. He brings them and they ask questions, they begin to make changes in their music, in their dress, in their lifestyles. He brings them and they respond- and who am I to get frustrated and want to walk on when they act like, well middle schoolers?

So back to our Etiquette Evening. I'm so excited!! A group of us will meet at the end of this month to discuss the details and I can't wait! Knowledge is power and these girls need to be educated!


PS one of my girls who came as a 6th grader is not in the 8th grade. She's a short shorts wearer, a low cut you know what hanging out dresser. Last year when I touched on modesty most of the girls asked "what's modesty?" I explained and then began to call them out when they weren't modest. Anyway, last night at youth she wore an undershirt under a low cut shirt and informed me she doesn't wear her shorts anymore because they are too short! I had also been informed by a 3rd party that she was sitting with a group of Christians at lunch!! Oh thank You Jesus! She's hearing your voice. Continue to speak truth into her life and give her the strength to make decisions that line up with Your Word.

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