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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Better Late Than Never

I can't believe the first full week of 2008 is almost over.
And I haven't even posted any pictures from our Christmas break, and a nice break it was. I had my first week off since I started work 6 months ago!

We found new hiking, and yes I mean hiking, trails and took advantage of them! I think Steve and I went 5 times in that week!

Day one was with the whole clan. Fluff immediately found this black snake and made one trek off the trail chasing something. He loved it! Freedom!

I wish I had pictures from the 2.5 miles hike to the overlook, there were hills and roots sticking out. If you're not familiar with Florida woods these two things are very, very rare! Along with rocks, but that's another post.

Here we all are at the overlook, one of 3 overlooks in the preserve.

The 1.35 miles back was pretty wide and straight, more typical of Florida woods.

The vegetation in this state never ceases to amaze me. I couldn't resist this photo. Some sort of palm I think.

Uncle Justin- do not read the following.
Yes, horse country, another little known fact about the Sunshine State

I have a bunch of photos still to post form Christmas, stay tuned.

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