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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Our Crazy Unique Schedule

I've decided to feed my family lunch later in the afternoon.
I leave for work at 12:30 or 12:45.
I've begun to put dinner/lunch in the oven around that time.
Then my boys #1. don't have to cook and #2. they can enjoy a delicious home cooked, or the like, meal before heading out to all their activities, which by-the-way all happen around the dinner time hours, 5-7 or 8pm.
Yet another reason why I love homeschooling. This crazy schedule of ours works for our lives. Another reason why I am sad thinking of Vaughan going to public high school next year; I'll miss having him around. :-(
Oh, well life goes on around me, I might as well enjoy it!

So I'll be running, I've got rice on the stove!

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A Chelsea Morning said...

I was never able to homeschool, Michelle, because I had to work full time. But I'd think one of the best things about it, besides the obvious, is the flexible schedule. It's great that you're changing the eating schedule in your house to fit in better with all the coming and going.

I wanted to thank you for leaving me a question last week and let you know I'm getting there. I'm answering them in the order they came in so yours was nearer the bottom but I'm looking forward to answering it. I'm sure you'll think I'm a slug when I describe my morning routine. LOL


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