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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Greek Fest Daytona 2009

This past February we went to the Greek Fest in Orlando, this last weekend we went to the Greek Fest is Daytona Beach.

We entered and immediately got some food, gyros, spinach pizza, Greek beer, Greek wine and some ouzo; not the kids they had soda.

Picture of the food, very yummy!
The popular Greek glasses...
We always like to have our friends and family around. The Greek's are very close and so at any Greek fest you'll see large groups sitting around food, laughing and enjoying one another.
We had 2 sets of friends meet us there.
The girls took the tour of the church.
I love the paintings and stories on the walls of a Greek church. An older lady with a thick Greek accent moved from one fact about the church to another as if she did the tour weekly.

On our way back to the festivities we found all our men, along with a little baby girl, sitting at the handicap entrance in the shade. Here's what we saw:

Why the handicap entrance?
To be near the ramp so this little guy could run up and down it.
Up and down.
Up and down.
After the Greek kids danced we decided it was time to leave.

And of course we now have a designated driver!!

Until the Spring, or Christmas or Greek Easter-

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Simply Dani said...

Oh Michelle, you make me smile.
I love it!


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