Then Samuel took a stone and set it up between Misphah and Shen. He named it Ebenezar, saying , "Thus far the Lord has helped us." 1 Samuel 7:12

Monday, November 02, 2009

Week One

Welcome to the first day of a 9-week study through the workbook devotional A Woman After God's Own Heart.

This started as a way for me to have some accountability in my personal time with the Lord. The current season of my life makes it hard to be part of a study so I decided to give an online option a try.

How does this work?
It's easy: each Monday you will check in here at this blog and comment as part of your accountability, I will have post up by 9am each Monday. I will have a list of a few things for you to comment on as well as your homework for the coming week.

For today:
In the comment section below please introduce yourself
1. leave your name, first name is OK
2. state in which you live
3. a brief bit on yourself, kids, job etc.
4. yes that you read your intro to the workbook
5. a one sentence commitment to complete this 9 week study, "I, Michelle, commit to this 9-week study."

Hearing God's Heart
grab your Bible and read these verses, I've got mine now let's go!

Luke 10:38-42, our time with the Lord is so valuable, what comes from that time can not be taken away from you
2 Timothy 3:16-17 our time in the Word is time hearing what God has to say, His Word is applicable to all areas of our lives from wife/mother/friend to every good work designed for us to do!

This Weeks Key Truths:
say these outloud
-Those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength.
-Those who abide in Christ will bear much fruit.
-We can do everything through Christ, who gives us strength.

did you say them outloud? do it again either way *smile*

Workbook Peps:
Complete week one, days 1-5, pages 7-21

Book Option Peps:
for those of you who do not have the workbook but want to read the book I will include a weekly chapter reading for you. While the content is similar it is not identical week to week so we'll give it our best- and I think it'll work out just fine.
read chapters 1-2

See you back next Monday, November 9th.

You can do this.
Carve out 30 minutes of each day, let the kids watch movies, eat ice cream, play in the tub or let them veg-out on facebook/x-box 360.

Why the Woman Woman photo on my sidebar?
Mainly because she is my favorite female superhero, I mean who wouldn't want an invisible jet and incredible strength!?
While a perfect woman does not exist we can all be Wonder Women, woman who in the midst of life can be in awe struck wonder of an amazing God and with His help make the world wonder what we got?


Hi I'm Michelle said...

1. Michelle
2. Florida
3. wife and Personal Assistant to Steve, mother to Vaughan age 15 and Justin age 13. Love to sew, garden and sleep.
4. yes
5. I, Michelle commit to complete each section of this 9-week study.

Whitney said...

1. Whtiney
2. Florida
3. wife, mother, secretary to 2 schools and 2 churches...(ok, reality hit me when i worite that down)
4. yep
5. I, whitney, commit to actually complete this study this time!

Katie said...

1. Katie
2. Florida
3. Wife, Homeschool Mom of Faith(10) Ty(5), Wonder Woman trainee *smile*
4. Yes
5. I, Katie, commit to complete this adventure for the 2nd time, in search of forgotten truths :)

Superhero Mom said...

I'm Lisa and I'm not doing this Bible Study at this moment! However, I am really proud of you girls! I love you all and I'm praying that the Lord will bless you as you bless Him!

Glorianne said...

1.My name is Glorianne and
2. I just moved back to my home state of Maine after 17 years away. My father and Michelle's father are first cousins. That makes us second cousins.
3. I have been married to Tim Schott for 21 years and we have three children, Kelsey (13) Matthew (11) and Erin (8). My son has a lot of issues right now so my main vocation is driving to doctor's appointments. Today a pastor is coming to pray for him. On the side, I teach for a community college located in Iowa online.
4. Still waiting for my book to come.
5. I am committing to this study even when my life feels like it is in chaos. I'll "Just do IT"

Hi I'm Michelle said...

I am so excited for this study! Press in and the rewards will be bountiful!

coldbayprincess said...

1. i'm molly
2. i live on the alaska peninsula
3. i know i'm a vessel for christ, and i would like to become a vessel that makes people want what i have. Instead of hiding my contents for myself.
4. i have the book not the work book. i will check in on tuesday where i am 4 hours behind, and a commitment on monday nights.
5. i need to learn the discipline of staying focused on my learning more on Christ, and my time with Him to be consistant, thank you for helping me with this and i will be commited to the book for 9 weeks. ( it will travel with me to costa rica on November 21- dec 13th)


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