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Friday, November 13, 2009

I Can Blog About My Teens

Ok so one of the things about blogging and having teenagers is that they have asked me to NOT share some things on my blog.

That's tough because Vaughan looked perfect when he dressed up for "Geek Day" at school, or Justin sitting in the back room, guitar in hand and music papers surrounding him as if a whirl wind came through.

Mums the word often around here.

So yesterday while walking around Wal-Mart I realized that although I don't have to blog about them I can blog about parenting them.

Take yesterday: by the time 4pm rolled around home school child and I were still plugging away at math, science, and grammar.
4:00pm- did you read that correct?
About that time a slight attitude broke out and inside I thought I'd lose it! No, wait, I thought I'd blow my top, so I calmly stood up, said,"You've got this concept and can do this by yourself now so I am going to buy some cat litter.", and I calmly put on my shoes, grabbed by keys and purse and headed for Wal-mart, my insides boiling all the way!

I navigated Wally World, found my cat litter, browsed the fabric department without buying anything, ran into my cousin I hadn't seen in 3 years, saw 2 youth groups friends and another kid we've known forever who went and grew up without telling me!
All the while I was texting Vaughan to see if the home schooler was done.

So, I chose to remove myself from a sticky situation and came home to peace and completeness.
Now I have the rest of their lives to make it through!

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