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Monday, February 09, 2009

Orlando Greek Fest

Last Friday at the Home School Greek Fest, Lisa told me about the upcoming Orlando Greek Fest. So, Sunday after church we loaded up in three cars along with some friends and Yiayia and Papou and headed to the fest.
Only the Greek's are so obsessed with themselves ...
Some of the gang.
The food line was long but had good view of the dancers, if yo look close you'll see money flying in the air. Greek tradition: finding any excuse to give money away to children. My boys walked away with $5 each from Papuo, just because.
Vaughan and Scott held out place in line while we roamed around.
We ate on the grass, all the tables were filled. The 2 Jeff's- the original rock star of the group!
Debbie and I enjoying the food, drinks and conversation.
My Greek stud. Which is time I add that we were not the only blond-haired, blue-eyed Greeks there. We were in the minority, but not the only ones. Also, not the only tall Greeks there.
And then there was food, no Greek gathering is complete without food, and lots of it! That's the key to a Greek event, cook all day and cook too much!
Loukoumades, Greek donuts, yummy!
My personal favorite: Saganaki, flaming cheese! Here he is putting out the flame with lemon juice! I'm going to make this on day.
Here we are: the Spanos'
Of course we toured the church. Beautiful.
We planned on going for a few hours and stayed over 4! For the most part it was sitting around talking. Fellowship. The Greek's get that. All they need is some food, family and friends, a few bottles of Ouzo and or beer, music and an afternoon.
I'm already excited for Greek Easter on April 19th. I'd encourage you to gather your friends around a table of food and enjoy an afternoon together.
I also am planning to post a Greek recipe here soon, I am just getting the OK from Yiayia on what I can share. I know it won't be the Baklava or tiropita- those are unique to the family- sorry.


Amanda said...

I missed this looks liek so much, fun. I missed that in conversation too. Next year we want to come...

Superhero Mom said...

Oh I am so glad you were able to go. We had connextion team, I was too pooped to pop on Sunday. I'm glad I didn't go...way too much yummy food...I didn't need the temptation. Looks like a blast. Let me know when the Greek Fest in Daytona is next year...we will be sure to go to that! Love all of your pictures! Glad I could pass that along and more glad you all actually went!


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