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Thursday, February 05, 2009

New TV

I've been rearranging furniture again.
Let me explain...

We were given a 42-inch rear projection, HD ready, television. The only problem was that our entertainment center certainly wouldn't house it, so we had to move it.

The entertainment center will eventually move in the back room/office/sewing room/den, but it can't go in there right now because, hopefully, Lord willing, we'll be putting down new floors in that room sometime this month, and moving that piece of furniture around doesn't make sense. So Steve if you're reading this, now you know what you're doing on your days off.

So we moved the new tv in the old tv spot, and the old tv went about 6 feet to the left of the new tv.

Now, to make room for the entertainment center in the back room/office/sewing room/den we had to take out a dresser that was there.

We moved that dresser to the dining room.
That dresser replaced a shoe rack, yeah I know who puts a shoe rack in their dining room? Um, we do.
Anyway, the shoe rack went out to the entryway/mud room.
Boy his sounds like that Bert and Ernie book where Bert is wearing a pot on his head instead of his cowboy hat because his cowboy hat had the fish in it and the fish were in the....

Back to furniture rearranging.
Here's the new dining room:
And yes home school has exploded in there,welcome to my dinning room table.
Here's a closeup of the dresser from the back room that is now in the dinning room. It still has my embroidery thread in the top drawer, an empty middle drawer and maps in the bottom.
The new television:
The boys are thrilled, I still have a hard time with it's constant glaring at me. If you know us me you know we I don't place a high priority on tv's so our poor children have been with an old school television so a long time- this new one thrills them and I am outnumbered so it stays. Xbox takes on a whole new meaning!

So now the old entertainment center is sitting next to the bookcases it once fit so perfectly between. Yep, we just moved it over and hooked it back up- so now one child can be playing PS2 on the old TV and another the Xbox on the new tv and if we really want to perfect our couch potato skills, we'll watch a move on the picture in picture on the new tv while the X box and PS 2 are being played. Did I mention we're all in the same room, sitting within 12 feet of one another wile this is going on?
Fun for boys not-so-fun for mom's who like a fairly decent looking home.
The life of a mom! Lovin' it!

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