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Friday, November 28, 2008

Need help with Curtains

Here's the fabric I waited 5 years to find for my curtains in my living room.

Now I need to figure out how I will hang them? This could take another 5 years. For now they are clothes-pinned up to my matchstick blinds.
I'm thinking of getting some bamboo shoots and haning them somehow on those. My challenge is that I have 2 windows, one is normal size, the other over 10 feet wide!

Accepting suggestions and ideas.


tessahjake said...

love love love these. any store - walmart/kmart - in the curtain aisle will have these loop/hook/ clip/things - not sure what they are called but they are a circle with a claspy thing (like on suspenders) clasp at intervals all along the fabric - then you can just run the loops on a curtain rod - the kind you hang over your window frame - does that help? I will try to find them online and send you the link

tessahjake said...

you could use the babmoo shoots as curtain "rods" - I'm at work - can you tell I am super busy.

hay foot straw foot said...

Hey! You know that I love this kind of stuff! You could get either some canvas or linen type fabric and make the curtains out of that with a wide band of the green fabric along the sides. That would stretch the fabric so you have enough for the large window. Also, if you hang it with bamboo make sure you get a thick piece or it will sag in the middle. My neighbor hung hers with a smallish tree limb that she stripped the bark from and then varnished. I wish we lived closer! Robyn


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