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Monday, November 03, 2008

Air Mail Rocks!

I received this from my cousin living in the Alaskan bush.
I think this is what her family will be eating all winter...
2 jars Hickory Smoked Salmon
1 jar Yellow Salmonberry Orange Ginger Marmalade
1 jar Sweet and Hot Jalapeno Jelly
Beach finds:
1 lava rock (from Mt Frosty?)
1 Bering Straight oyster
1 piece of sea glass, a bottle top (front left)
4 small rocks with some sort of lychen?
Please clearify this - a small salt and pepper envelope?
thanks cuz.

1 comment:

coldbayprincess said...

so i should probably send notes with a box of strange contents, but anyway... the lave rock was actually found on the beach, bering sea side. the shells we usually find on the cold bay side which is pacific ocean, you are right about the little rocks, my mom has been collecting them, she tries to find ones that look like little faces, like what we used to do when looking at the knotts in pine wood. salmon we eat right out of the jar on crackers with cheese, we also like to quesadillas with it, or sprinkle it in breakfast burritos and just about anything else. we have really huge berries here, much bigger than your everyday raspberry, salmonberries are as big as a mans thumb! we have different colored ones too, so the yellow ones we made into marmalade! and because i didn't think i would really get into berrypicking (boy was i wrong) i had ordered jalapenos to make my favorite jam, because it always is on my grocery list when we get into town! now the salt and pepper just a little souvenir from first class alaska air!!! a moment of being spoiled by the ONe in Charge, and even under the circumstances we were able to relish it!!


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