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Saturday, November 08, 2008

Candy Aholic

We like to call this "Death by Candy"

When do you think a chld is too old to Trick-orTreat?


Superhero Mom said...

I never like trick or treating as a kid. NEVER! It's just my nature...I always felt bad asking people for candy for no reason! However, I did like handing out the candy. I don't understand it! So, when is a child too old? opinion.....when they are old enough to leagally hold a job (what is that like 14 or 16?). I saw college students trick or treating this seemed a little weird to me. So that is my .02 worth!

Jacinda said...

It was great to meet you tonight!

coldbayprincess said...

nice t shirt !!!!!!!!!!
i think alot of folks think down on teens trick or treating... but not me if they are doing it in good taste... and they could be out doing other things.... so i personally enjoy seeing the older kids coming by i even thought in our small neighbor hood the adults should go around (not that i can convince anyone) and i would even encourage older students to take out their siblings or younger kids who they can be an encouragement to. for what its worth thats my input.


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