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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Endeavor's Night Launch

Another reason I enjoy living near the east coast beach in Florida, I get to drive 3 miles and watch the space shuttle take off.

Night launches are my favorite. It's a long video, 5 1/2 minutes, but the first 2 1/2 are probably the best. Right before 2 minutes you can see both the shuttle and the almost full moon, shortly after that the shuttle is hard to see although live we could see it and we could see the full tanks (I htik I caleed them boosters in the video) drop. It's at 2 1/2 minutes that we finally hear the sound from take-off.

Enjoy. Only 9 left.



Superhero Mom said...

Wow! Thanks for the video footage. My family saw it....I was at....Walmart! FUN!

tessahjake said...

Miss those :( Oh and about the beach bag - done :) colors please - actually I might have the perfect beachy ones in my stash - but what colors do you love?

Michelle@Life with Three said...

Wow -- absolutely unbelievable! My brother in law actually traveled down and saw that launch. I was so jealous. One of these days, I'd love to be there in person.

Simply Dani said...

I love watchin people who have never seen one before. Nike and I went up on the observation deck on the condo to see it, all the other tenants were up there too. There were a few foreign people from Russia (I think?) who had never seen one. They were so excited - it was so adorable. I had a coach a few years ago who heard the boom and thought it was a tornado. Haha.


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