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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Legos Are Hands Down the Best Toy Investment- Ever!

Every time I view the memory card on the camera I can watch a movie. The boys love to create stop animation movies using their Legos. Literally hundreds of pictures fill our card and I thought I'd share a brief moment in movie making history.
This appears to be the end of some sort of meeting with Darth Vader.
Scroll down quickly to get a fell for it.

Thanks for watching...


Amanda said...

I love this what was the name of legos for Honor?

Superhero Mom said...

Which of your boys is responsible for this creativity. I think I sense another talent in the Spanos boys. That was fun. Brendan and I scrolled down real fast and we both yelled "cool!"! Anyway, we are huge lego fans too! Thanks Michelle!

tessahjake said...

Jake LOVES legos too! hours of QUIET!


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