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Monday, July 28, 2008

Who Doesn't Just Love a Giveaway?!

The first is a
Native Heritage Tomahawk Kit
pre-cut leather "blade"
latigo leather lace
this was a leftover Cub Scout craft

Inventor's Workshop
never opened from Running Press
doesn't have an age listed on box?

from the box:
You can invent:
A self-propelled vehicle, A music maker, a telescoping arm
5 amazing inventions with hundreds of variations

Leave a comment stating which you'd like to be in the running for.
I'll draw the winners on Friday, August 1st.


Amanda said...

Hi M-

Wow Love this, I. Workshop. Sounds like a blast.
A self propelled vehical what a dream.

Superhero Mom said...

Looks like I just made it in time for your drawing. Yea! Count me in! Love you!

Katie said...

TY = Tomahawk
and I could pull it out for "T" week.
I hope I'm not to late!:)


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