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Monday, July 07, 2008

4th of July

*video included- a must see*

Happy Fourth of July!
A little late but I hope you all had a wonderful 4th and ate good food, fellowshipped with friends and family and enjoyed some fireworks and sparklers!
Our fourth didn't end without the excitement that teenage boys bring to it!
I spent the first 2 hours of my day sitting on the beach reading. I took a nice walk up the beach and a quick dip to cool off before heading home to help Steve begin building our new shed out back. When we returned from our mission trip we noticed Vaughan's bike had been stolen off our back porch! I know, I know, it should have been elsewhere, but after months of it parked out back and being safe we didn't think much of it. So the shed became even higher on the "To Do" list.
After a good part of the day in the blazing sun we made our way, with 2 extras in tow, to Steve's dad's house for food and fun. My sister-in-law and family are down from NH so after dinner and before the fireworks I took my niece and we walked the 2 blocks to the local festivities on the river. There was face painting and jumpy slides, bounce houses and bands. The boys all found friends and before we knew it it was time for the fireworks to begin. The show was great and ended with the best finale I had seen in awhile, eat your heart out Walt Disney.
Finally by 10:30 we made our way home, and the that's when the fun began.
Your best bet is to watch this video.

Yes, they used one of Papou's creations, the same one used 15 years ago that blew off parts of his hand. Something about a quarter stick of dynamite? Those of you around then most likely think we're crazy, heck most of you must think that- hey I never said kids having kids was a good idea! Anyway with proper supervision all kinds of things have been blowing up around here. When a mother looks out her front window and sees her eldest hiding behind a piece of plywood, or sees his best friend wearing a Darth Vader mask, think jacket and gloves, she begins to wonder if things are heading in the wrong direction. The only injury suffered was a cut to the hand last night from a Samurai sword (don't ask). So I give ALL thanks to the Lord for another safe 4th of July day around here.
I apologise to my neighbors, we should run out of fireworks soon; and to Uncle Chuck, thanks for not only leaving the car at our place but giving it to us as well.
So how about you- how was your 4th?


Superhero Mom said...

This was so fun to watch! I loved it! Was that husband or son doing the talking?

Michelle said...

That would be V with the word cr*p flowing freely.

Mont said...

After talking with Steve I knew it would only be a matter of time before Chuck's car met a final resolution. I'm actually surprised that this didn't include some sort of chain saw, machete, or gun fire to finish the job. I guess you are just saving that for when Uncle Justin and family come to visit...

Anonymous said...

i thought steve was going to give it to the junkyard for a few bucks - i'll come over and have it towed out around the 25th when i get back...


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