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Thursday, July 03, 2008

Going to be an Interesting Fall

We got news yesterday that Vaughan will have to sit out of all athletics for the next 2 months, maybe even 6.

During his football scrimmage on May 22, he popped his shoulder out of socket. Of course being 14 it popped right back in, although the pain of stretched muscles and ligaments haunts him to this day.

Football officially starts on Monday and we'll have to make the trek to the coaches office, who also happens to be his guidance counselor, and tell him the bad news. I'm not sure what he'll say?

We're taking it all in stride, he's only 14 and we don't want a lifelong injury all for the sake of football. It will be tough on him, for anyone that knows Vaughan, knows he loves athletics in general. Football, basketball, dodgeball, kickball, 2-base, discgolf, you name he loves it!

It may end up being a blessing, come August 18 he'll step for the first time ever into a public institution where he'll sit for 7 hours and come home with homework, add in projects and girls, teachers and PE uniforms and our fall is really going to interesting; it might not be bad if 2+ hours of practice a night is omitted from the schedule.


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