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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Disaster Clean Up is Now Complete

This is a follow-up from the post below.

Quick before I head to work with the younger boys for a meeting.
Here's our noon time clean up.
8 boys...

1. had the living room, he put it back together and vacuumed, he also vacuumed all rugs and the dining room.

2 and 3 Doing dishes

4. cooking lunch

5 and 6 cleaned the Lego room and were fooling around when I came for the photo opt

Again having fun-they did get the room vacuumed

7 showed up in time to help fill water bottles

and last but not least little #8- he did an excellent job with the Legos, and entertaining Fluff!

So perhaps I will have another sleepover, someday,
far away from today.

And then that night when I've been woken up for the 4th time and it's 2am I will shake my head, rub my eyes and walk back into my room saying something like "we'll never do this again" or "no more sleepovers".

It's just how we roll around here.
Currently catching my breath from under the laundry pile
Enough food received


1 comment:

Katie said...

Wow! You are hard-core Michelle...stay strong in the "boy world" of yours! Great posts...


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