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Monday, July 14, 2008

How Do I Titled This?

Good Monday morning to all who are sitting down to read this!
We had a good weekend around here.
On Friday we sent Steve off to NH for his youngest sisters wedding.
I gotta be honest- I was looking forward to the few days of no husband around. Sounds worse than it is I just know there are a few things I do more of when Steve's gone and I was ready to get at it! What is it you ask? Sewing!!! For whatever reason sewing gets put on the back burner more than any other activity around here and when Steve's gone I have a little more freedom to lock myself up in my sewing room. So I did and got a bunch of baby stuff made, I'm running about 2-3 months behind on these gifts, and have about 4 babies to sew for! Anyway I got all the girl stuff out of the way and now onto the baby boy sewing!

So we picked Steve up at the airport yesterday and only had to make one loop before he was waiting for us with the best pizza I've had in his backpack! Yep, we had 2 requests from his trip back "home" the first was Village Pizza, the second a Coronis grinder. He came through on the pizza end, anyone from our little hometown knows the tastiness of Village Pizza; I'm not sure if it's the sauce or the crust or what, but the one little piece I had yesterday satisfied tastes buds I had long since forgot about.

Now onto the pictures. As I'm flipping through the camera this is what I come to.

The time on the microwave as to how late they were up playing cribbage.

His friends back yard.

A window at the lodge where the wedding was held.

Nice one babe! Way to stay on top of the picture taking while visiting people we haven't seen in a few years!
You can bet I was happy when some actual people pics showed up.
Here are our god-children, I think that's the proper term. It's been 3 years since we'd seen them and if you know anything about kids it's that they change weekly!

Here's Steve's cousin, you know the one from the Home Depot commercials. What's neat about being from the same hometown is that Steve and I shared friends like her. Before I married him she was already a friend of mine.

Here is Steve's youngest sister and step-dad. He said the wedding was very nice, held at a local ski mountain, good food, fellowship and fun!

So that was our weekend. I'll post pics of the baby stuff when I get around to taking pictures, which should be soon because I don't want to wait another 2 months to give the gifts out- heavens these babies will be 12 before I get around to giving them anything! Hey don't laugh I still haven't finished Vaughan's quilt I started before he was born!

Wishing you all a good week- stay healthy, stay happy and smile, it adds to your face value!

How about you, what do you like to do when your family, or part of it, is not around?

PS Happy Birthday to my big brother!! Wish I was there!!


Allison Reynolds said...

Great blog...I have a hard time getting stuff done when Matt is just home for the day...I stay off track. I love reading your blog...since I don't get to see you often, it keeps me up to date! Keep checking my blog..I am actually keeping it up to date! lol

Amanda said...

I like to read, scrapebook, go thrifting, sleep, watch tv in bed, talk on the phone, write notes, walk on the beach.

Mont said...

Your husband can come and stay with us anytime you have a lot to get done - it was great to see him. As a matter of fact, it would have been nice to see the whole family so next time forget the sewing and bring the span clan. Maybe by then we'll actually have enough money to buy Village for everyone! Cool post, thank you for the other side of the visit.

Katie said...

Mmmm I want some Village Pizza...that's awesome that he brought you back some! When I'm alone I like to veg out and watch chick flicks, order takeout and cuddle with my pups...they both sleep in the bed with me :)


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